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JALSA 2019 Annual Meeting

Living Our Values
Tuesday, April 30, 2019
6 p.m.- Reception with hearty hors d'oeuvres
7 p.m.- Speaking Program followed by desserts
Temple Israel, 477 Longwood Ave., Boston

JALSA Distinguished Leadership Award
Pam Goodman, Director, Beacon Communities

 Advocate for Justice Award
"Yes on 3" Campaign to protect transgender rights
Co-chairs Mason Dunn and Kasey Suffredini

  Recognizing JALSA Leaders                      
Hon. Jay Kaufman, Hon. Byron Rushing, Hon. Frank Smizik

In Memory
Marc Slotnick, z"l, JALSA Advisory Committee

Michael Alperin, Lawrence Bailis, Paul Bouton, Josh Cohen, Sean Curran, Joe Flatley, Aaron Gornstein, Arline Isaacson,
Julie Johnson, Marty Jones, Chrystal Kornegay,
Nancy Stager

Leadership Committee
Emily Achtenberg, Beverly Bates, Barry Bluestone, Kim Brooks, Ruth Budd, Elyse Cherry, Susan Cohen, Jack Cooper, Steve Cowell,
Susan Ditkoff, Patrick Dober, Marc Dohan, Ellen Feingold, Daniel Fishman, Matthew Fishman, Maureen Fitzgerald, James Fleckner,
David Friedman, Evelyn Friedman, Nanette Fridman, Nicole Lieberman Gann, Samuel M. Gebru, Susan Gittelman, Jeff Goodman,
David Greenblatt, Chris Gregory, Mary Ellen Grossman, Steve Heiken, Rachel Heller, Richard Henken, Bonnie Heudorfer, Lizbeth Heyer,
Jamie Hoag, Paul Holtzman, Joanne Hooker, Martina Jackson, Mike Jacobs, Felicia Jacques, Fredie Kay, Johnathan Klein, Karen Kepler,
Jason Korb, Courtney Koslow, Dara Kovel, Joe Kriesberg, Terry Kwan, Dan Lyons, Maria Maffei, Kathleen McGilvray, Felice Mendell,
James Mitrano, Deborah Morse, Richard Muraida, Chris Norris, Vincent O'Donell, Darlene Perrone, Collete Phillips, Jeanne Pinado,
Amy Pitter, Lonnie Powers, Francine Price, Charleen Regan, Jan Rose, Dan Rosen, Jeffrey Sacks, Barbara Salisbury, Bob Salisbury,
Megan Sandel, Amy Schechtman, Esther Schlorholtz, Nancy Shilepsky, Ann Silverman, Ruth Sliman, Jim Stockard, Sharon Stout,
Joanne Sullivan, Naomi Sweitzer, Fred Taub, Bob Van Meter, Al Wallis, Eleanor White, George Abbott White, Kenneth Willis

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