100 Comments to Protect Immigrant Rights One Minute of Your Time to Support Immigrants

Many of us have a family story about ancestors who immigrated to the United States seeking safety, equality, and a better life. Now, people who are vulnerable, who are facing violence and poverty,are at risk of being denied the possibility of citizenship in our country.

In the latest attack on immigrants, the Administration has proposed a rule which would state that immigrants applying for a green card or visa could be deemed to be a "public charge" - someone who depends on the government - and turned away if they earn below 250% of the Federal Poverty Line and use any of a wide range of public programs for working families, or are deemed to be likely to use them in the future. These are programs for food, medical care, and shelter.  It is outrageous to make people choose between basic human needs and the ability to apply for citizenship.

We have the opportunity to let this outrage be heard and stand in solidarity with those who need us. 

Please click here to submit your comment to tell the federal government that we will not stand for this! We are looking to submit 100 comments from JALSA members about their immigration stories and why you believe that immigrants should not be denied citizenship based on their needing help with basic human needs.  You don't need to be an attorney -- just submit your story!

We will be counting the comments submitted at this link, and hope to reach 100 from JALSA supporters.  This is part of a coalition effort to gather 100,000 comments around the country!

If you have any questions, wish to submit a longer comment, or wish to stay anonymous please email jalsaoffice@gmail.com

Comments are due by December 10, 2018.