What are we fighting for?

JALSA is the progressive Jewish voice on issues of economic, social, environmental and racial justice, both within the Jewish community and in the social justice community.

We do our work by advocating with public officials to change the law, using the tools of grassroots community organizing to act on issues, and filing amicus briefs in court cases. We are strongest when we work together with coalition partners, including faith-based, community, and social justice organizations.  


Social and Racial justice

JALSA enables our members and supporters, both affiliated and unaffiliated Jews, and those outside the Jewish community, to take personal responsibility for addressing inequities in our society

Economic justice, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, climate change -- these are all  issues that our action teams are working to address.


civil rights and liberties

JALSA is deeply rooted in the public policy advocacy and legal strategies community.

We use these tools to address inequities in the areas of immigration, church/state separation, health care, voting rights, and anti-discrimination laws.


our jewish values

JALSA is guided by our fundamental Jewish values, and enables people to connect their Jewish identity to their ideology on public policy issues.

We believe that it is our job to strive for the world as it should be, and we are optimistic enough to believe that it is possible to achieve.