Paid Family & Medical Leave

Emergencies arise for all of us at some point, but 1.2 million Massachusetts families risk losing their jobs if they take time off work to take care of a family medical emergency or after the birth of a child. Many workers who are eligible for leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act can’t afford to take unpaid time off work in an emergency. They’re often left having to choose between taking care of a child they love or the job that puts food on the table.

Paid family and medical leave would allow these workers to take time to take care of their health or the health of a loved one without fear of losing their job. 

Paid family and medical leave would help our state’s workers, businesses, and economy. 


  • Workers could stay home with a newborn child or a seriously ill parent, or take time to recover after an unexpected illness.
  • Businesses would benefit from healthier and more productive employees, while the reduction in worker turnover would generates savings for employers.
  • Keeps money in the pockets of families who then spend it in the local economy.

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