Community Preservation Act

The rapid gentrification of Boston neighborhoods has displaced many families and disrupted traditional communities. While a rising economy is good for Boston, it is important for Boston to remain affordable and accessible for families and moderate- and low-income people, and to keep the city diverse and vital.

JALSA, as part of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization and the Yes for a Better Boston campaign, took part in the successful passage of the Community Preservation Act for Boston on the ballot Fall of 2016.

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a state program that allows Boston to raise money via the property tax for affordable housing, parks and recreation, and historic preservation.  With adopting the CPA, Boston would also receive a partial match from the state.

It is estimated that CPA would generate $20 million annually: $16 million from the property tax and an additional $4 million from the state.  

JALSA assisted in reaching over 3,000 Boston voters about voting for the CPA through giving presentations, doing phone banks, knocking on doors, and turning to our own networks. We also organized a letter of support for the CPA signed by 23 faith leaders in Boston. View this here:

We remain committed to the successful implementation of the Community Preservation Act and are actively involved in this campaign moving forward.