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Tzedek Salons
JALSA hosts monthly programs called Tzedek Salons- Tzedek translating to “justice” in Hebrew. Tzedek Salons bring young Jews, in their 20’s-30’s, both Jewish and non-Jewish, together with social activists, policy makers, and academics for conversations at local bars to explore cutting edge issues facing our society and state today.

Tzedek Salons are planning by a volunteer committee. If you are interested in joining this committee, contact Hannah Klein for more information.

Past speakers have included Harris Gruman, Executive Director of the SEIU MA State Council and the MA Political Director for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  In this meeting, Mr. Gruman  addressed the specifics of the Fight for $15 campaign, and what is on the horizon. He discussed what went into creating this massive, diverse, broad-based coalition, how the history of the labor movement has brought us to this moment, and what the fight looks like in Massachusetts.

Committee on Law and Social Action (CLSA)
The CLSA will be reconvening their work on the protection of civil liberties, maintaining the independence of the Massachusetts courts, and supporting the work to oppose right-wing judicial nominations. Contact Hannah Klein for more information.

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