Thanks for participating in
the Fight for $15.

IMG_3334 - one column widthIt was wonderful to see so many JALSA members at the rally for $15 an hour.  We saw people from JALSA, Jewish Labor Committee, JOIN for Justice, Moshe Kavod, MCAN, Temple Beth Elohim, Temple Beth Zion, Temple Hillel B’nai Torah, Temple Shir Tikvah, and Cong. Dorshei Tzedek at our end of the field.  Let us know who we’ve missed here.  It was wonderful to join with our friends and colleagues in the worker justice movement.

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SJC Upholds Police Discretion on License to Carry

Important SJC decision March 9th upholding the discretion of police in determining who should be allowed to have a license to carry.  JALSA participated in a brief supporting this important provision of both the old law and our most recently enacted law supporting police discretion.  The new law, in which JALSA played a significant role in encouraging passage, provides police discretion for both the license to carry and the FID card which is needed to buy any arms, although there are different conditions for each.

Earned Sick Time – Congratulations
to JALSA and all MA Workers

Take a well-deserved round of applause JALSA

Congrats on passing Earned Sick time!!
We did it!..YES – 1,252,197 (59%); …………………….NO – 856,280 (41%)

8 years of perseverance and hard work has provided a million workers in Massachusetts the right to earned sick time!!  We made a difference for hundreds of thousands of low and middle income workers and their families!   We’ve hung in there through thick and thin. Hearings, Forums, Phonebanking, Lobbying, Signature Gathering, Canvassing. What haven’t we done to get this passed.

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Business Lobbyists Trying to Delay Ballot Approved Earned Sick Time

Last year, we all gave countless hours to win an historic campaign and ensure access to Earned Sick Time for all Massachusetts workers. On July 1st, workers are finally slated to have that access. But business lobbyists are working to delay the implementation until January, and maybe even longer. There are three things you can do right now to beat back these lobbyists:

  1. Attend a public hearing in your region. Attorney General Maura Healey, a longtime advocate for the Earned Sick Time law, is responsible for its implementation. She is holding public hearings across the state to discuss the law and we need to show up to demonstrate our support for implementing Earned Sick Time on schedule. Click here to see the full list of public hearings and to signup to attend.
  2. Email Attorney General Maura Healey to show her your support. Take a moment to email the Attorney General’s office at let them know you appreciate everything they’re doing to write balanced and fair regulations on this critical issue. It only takes a few minutes, but emails make a huge difference Sample of Letter to the Attorney General on Earned Sick Time
  3. Call your State Senator and make sure they support implementation of the Earned Sick Time law.Our opponents plan to add an amendment to the Senate budget to delay implementation of the law. It’s critical you call your State Senator today and make sure they won’t support any amendments affecting Earned Sick Time. Here’s some of the things you can tell your Senator:
  • Last November, the Earned Sick Time law passed by an overwhelming majority (59% to 41%) of voters.
  • The Attorney General’s staff have worked extensively with stakeholders to draft sensible regulations to clarify the law for businesses and workers
  • Earned Sick Time laws have been successfully implemented in other jurisdictions, with payroll services reporting successful implementation within one payroll period
  • There is no justifiable reason to force hard working people to wait another six months to begin accruing their earned sick time