Cambridge City Counselor, Thurs, Feb 11, 7PM, Lir, Tzedek Salon

This Thursday February Tzedek Salon 2/11 

Nadeem Mazen;
Cambridge City Counselor
Join us Thursday to hear from Cambridge City Councilor, Nadeem Mazen!
Mazen is a progressive young leader, entrepreneur and grassroots  community organizer, engaging young people in politics while advancing social justice issues such as raising the minimum wage in Cambridge to 15$/hour. He is Massachusetts’s first Muslim elected official and the founder of MassMuslims as well as two community-oriented businesses.
Check out this Boston Globe profile to read more about Mazen and join the conversation at our Salon on Thursday!
Lir, 903 Boylston Street, Boston
Thursday, February 11
Please RSVP to hannah.jalsa@gmail but of course you can join last minute
Tzedek Salons bring young Jews, in their 20-30s, and social activists together with important policy makers, attorneys, and academics for casual conversations at local bars to explore cutting edge issues facing our society and state today. 
JALSA Mission Statement:
Inspired by the Jewish imperative to pursue justice, JALSA is devoted to engaging the community in promoting civil rights, protecting civil liberties and achieving social and economic justice. 

JALSA Successfully Reaches and Passes Goal for 4500 signatures

CJP Open House Party cropped

As we reach the end of the signature campaign on the Fair Tax amendment, JALSA signature gatherers surpass our announced goal of 4000 signatures.  Over 155,000 total signatures will be on their way this week to local election clerks for verification of signatures on the proposed constitutional amendment to add a 4% tax to those earning more than $1 million annual income on the amount over $1,000,000.00.

Save the Date for our 14th Annual Meeting – January 24, 2016


 Successful Hearings at the State House on Family and Medical Leave


JALSA Coordinator for Family and Medical Leave, Barbara Gutman, and Stephanie Shapiro Berkson, a witness at the great hearing this week for S2008 and H1718 – An Act establishing a family and medical leave and temporary disability leave insurance program.
Serious personal or family medical emergencies arise for all of us at some point.  Individuals receive an unexpected diagnosis. An elderly parent’s health rapidly declines. And parents need time off to nurture and bond with their newborn or newly adopted children. But despite the universality of these circumstances, most MA families face losing their jobs to care for themselves, their families or children during these times.
Nearly 40% of Massachusetts workers have to choose between caring for a family member during a medical emergency or losing a job. That is 1.2 million workers who cannot take time off to stay home with a new child. Paid family and medical leave would allow these workers to take the time off they deserve to care for themselves and their loved ones without risking job loss or financial ruin. ​ Call our office and let us know if you have a story you might want to share.

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Individual Ticket – $60

Individual Ticket for Tzedek Salon Attendees or Persons Under 30

Thanks for participating in
the Fight for $15.

IMG_3334 - one column widthIt was wonderful to see so many JALSA members at the rally for $15 an hour.  We saw people from JALSA, Jewish Labor Committee, JOIN for Justice, Moshe Kavod, MCAN, Temple Beth Elohim, Temple Beth Zion, Temple Hillel B’nai Torah, Temple Shir Tikvah, and Cong. Dorshei Tzedek at our end of the field.  Let us know who we’ve missed here.  It was wonderful to join with our friends and colleagues in the worker justice movement.

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SJC Upholds Police Discretion on License to Carry

Important SJC decision March 9th upholding the discretion of police in determining who should be allowed to have a license to carry.  JALSA participated in a brief supporting this important provision of both the old law and our most recently enacted law supporting police discretion.  The new law, in which JALSA played a significant role in encouraging passage, provides police discretion for both the license to carry and the FID card which is needed to buy any arms, although there are different conditions for each.

Earned Sick Time – Congratulations
to JALSA and all MA Workers

Take a well-deserved round of applause JALSA

Congrats on passing Earned Sick time!!
We did it!..YES – 1,252,197 (59%); …………………….NO – 856,280 (41%)

8 years of perseverance and hard work has provided a million workers in Massachusetts the right to earned sick time!!  We made a difference for hundreds of thousands of low and middle income workers and their families!   We’ve hung in there through thick and thin. Hearings, Forums, Phonebanking, Lobbying, Signature Gathering, Canvassing. What haven’t we done to get this passed.

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