Help Choose JALSA’s Next Priority Campaign Issue!

Thanks for participating our survey, letting us know what you think our next social justice campaign  should be.  Help us pick a campaign for which there is both a compelling need AND widespread community support for meaningful action. 

large comm meeting for comm conversations

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We are in a membership-led process of selecting our next major campaign initiative.  That’s where YOU come in.   While we will still work on continuing campaigns (such as Gun Violence, Worker Justice, and Revenue), we need your help to pick JALSA’s next major social justice campaign!  We are looking to see where there is both a compelling need AND widespread community support for meaning action.  There are a few upcoming opportunities to get involved and be part of the discussion.

BEFORE THE BIG GATHERING, WE ARE HAVING TWO SMALLER COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS where we will learn more about what issues are important to YOU and WHY?

Community Conversations2Both locations will be T accessible and havce access to municipal or private parking lots.

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Further questions, email: or call 617-227-3000.


Thanks for participating in
the Fight for $15.

IMG_3334 - one column widthIt was wonderful to see so many JALSA members at the rally for $15 an hour.  We saw people from JALSA, Jewish Labor Committee, JOIN for Justice, Moshe Kavod, MCAN, Temple Beth Elohim, Temple Beth Zion, Temple Hillel B’nai Torah, Temple Shir Tikvah, and Cong. Dorshei Tzedek at our end of the field.  Let us know who we’ve missed here.  It was wonderful to join with our friends and colleagues in the worker justice movement.

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SJC Upholds Police Discretion on License to Carry

Important SJC decision March 9th upholding the discretion of police in determining who should be allowed to have a license to carry.  JALSA participated in a brief supporting this important provision of both the old law and our most recently enacted law supporting police discretion.  The new law, in which JALSA played a significant role in encouraging passage, provides police discretion for both the license to carry and the FID card which is needed to buy any arms, although there are different conditions for each.

Earned Sick Time – Congratulations
to JALSA and all MA Workers

Take a well-deserved round of applause JALSA

Congrats on passing Earned Sick time!!
We did it!..YES – 1,252,197 (59%); …………………….NO – 856,280 (41%)

8 years of perseverance and hard work has provided a million workers in Massachusetts the right to earned sick time!!  We made a difference for hundreds of thousands of low and middle income workers and their families!   We’ve hung in there through thick and thin. Hearings, Forums, Phonebanking, Lobbying, Signature Gathering, Canvassing. What haven’t we done to get this passed.

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Governor Patrick Signs Mass
Gun Law

Thousands of postcards;
Hundreds of phone calls;
35 organizations;
18 months resulting in 1 final STRONG bill !!


With a stroke of his pen, Governor Deval Patrick tightened state gun laws.

►Massachusetts will join a national database for criminal and mental health background checks.
►Schools will be required to develop plans to address students’ mental health needs.
►Police chiefs will have the ability to go to court to keep rifles and shotguns out of the hands of people they deem dangerous.
These provisions will be added to the state’s already tough laws, which include the following:
►A ban on semiautomatic assault weapons.
►Strict licensing rules.
►A ban on anyone convicted of a violent crime or drug trafficking from carrying or owning a gun.


JALSA at fight for $15 rally

A large contingent from JALSA joined an enormous and energetic demonstration Tuesday for a $15 minimum wage, drawing thousands of people who marched for more than an hour and a half through Boston. This is part of a national protest taking place in more than 200 cities.


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