JULY 11: Save Healthcare, Make Calls in Brookline

Take action to stop the Senate’s healthcare bill by joining us for a phone bank in Brookline! On Tuesday, July 11 from 6pm-8pm, we will be jumping on the Hub Dialer to connect voters to their Senators to tell them to vote no.

Negotiated behind closed doors and without public input, this abysmal excuse for a bill would put healthcare for the elderly, children, the disabled and low-income individuals in grave danger. The bill would slash Medicaid resources by $800 billion and allow states to drop vital benefits including maternity care, emergency services and mental health treatment.

Eleven Republican Senators have expressed concerns about the bill, and if three defect, the bill will fail. This is the last chance we have to protect healthcare from being stripped away from millions of people before Congress leaves for recess.

Please bring your own laptop, phone and chargers. There will also be pizza provided! Contact Hannah to let her know you are attending and we will provide location details.