JALSA’s 15th Annual Meeting: Sun. Jan. 29

Join Us to Celebrate with
Justice Honoree Colette Phillips

Housing Heroes Sheila Dillon, Joe Kreisberg, and Thadine Brown, and

Civil Rights Leader and Scholar Professor Charles Ogletree

JALSA Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 29th, 2017, 10:30am, brunch

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Temple Israel
477 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02215
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JALSA Annual Meeting

Advocate for Justice:

Colette Phillips is a visionary, defining the very concept of inclusion and multi-cultural marketing in New England. For over three decades, she has brought us together, building bridges and creating cross-cultural and inter-racial social networks and connections. Her recently founded organization, Get Konnected!, and her list of “Boston’s IOO Most Influential People of Color” affirm and strengthen the importance of celebrating diversity in our communities and our workplaces.

Community Leadership – Housing Heroes:

City Housing Chief, Sheila Dillon, works tirelessly to carry out Mayor Walsh’s housing agenda, constantly seeking new and creative ways to increase the City’s supply of affordable housing and preserve and maintain our current housing stock.

“Yes for a Better Boston” co-chairs Joe Kriesberg, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations, and Thadine Brown, Clerk of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, educated City voters about the importance of affordable housing, recreational facilities and historic preservation, leading us to an overwhelming victory margin of 74{7510785a0ded3fbef5546a4f2e1d6391a17483969c47b6cc1984208eea4feec0} on the Community Preservation Act ballot question.

Lifetime Commitment to Justice and Equity:

Professor Charles Ogletree has devoted his life to securing the rights granted to us under the US Constitution. Through his work as a teacher, author, attorney, and media commentator, he has advanced the cause of civil rights for decades. Professor Ogletree is also the Founder of the groundbreaking Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, which sponsors conferences, and provides the opportunity for research and policy analysis in these areas.

Special Guest: Martin Walsh

Mayor Walsh has taken a leading role at the US. Conference of Mayors, elevating the national conversation on income inequality. Knowing that for Boston to reach its full potential, we need to create more housing, Mayor Walsh and his policy staff have created “Housing a Changing City: Boston 2030,” a comprehensive City strategy to create 53,000 new units of housing accessible to people at a variety of income levels.

Inspired by the Jewish imperative to pursue justice, JALSA is devoted to achieving a more just and equitable society in which civil liberties and civil rights are protected, and serving as a strong voice for progressive social, economic, and environmental justice priorities.