Take Action on the Nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Testimony continues today on the appointment of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Since most of our JALSA members live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with two serious rational U.S. senators, members may feel that there is nothing they need to do about this appointment.  One can anticipate that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey will do all they can to question this nomination.  But, given the very serious consequences of a very poor choice for Attorney General, members of JALSA must take time to respond.  All of our members must have relatives or friends who live in other states where advocacy is needed.

Our Progressive Voice Needs to be Heard

His record features nearly every kinds of bigotry and anti-civil rights position. We must take a strong position against his appointment and call our friends in other states and urge they call their U.S. SENATORS.

Why Are We Opposed?

He has…

  • Joked about supporting the KKK
  • Been accused of trying to use voter fraud to further a racist agenda
  • Opposed the Voting Rights Act
  • Opposed protection from hate crimes
  • Opposed reform within the criminal justice system
  • Supported a ban on same-sex marriage
  • Supported the use of torture
  • Supported banning Muslim entry to the U.S.
  • He has lied about his past civil rights legal work

JALSA works every day to gain social and economic equality for people of all identities. We need an Attorney General who will represent all Americans equally and fairly. We cannot ignore his blatant disregard for our values of freedom and equality.

Do you want to read more about why this is an unacceptable choice for Attorney General?    The American Civil Liberties Union provides an in depth report on the positions of Jeff Sessions: click here.

What can we do about this choice?

You are not powerless against the ideas and policies of the incoming administration. Now is the time to fights against the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Here in Massachusetts our senators agree with our concerns. But in other states, representatives may have different opinions.

We urge you to tell your friends and families in other parts of the country how important this issue is. Spread the information in this letter about the disappointing past actions of Sessions and tell them not to stand for his appointment.

Here are other ways you can take action:

1. Contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who are meeting today for the confirmation hearing.

Click here and you can download a list of the members who might respond to your contact.  If you know people in the states represented by these senators, call those friends this morning, the second and possibly the last day of this committee confirmation hearing.  Ask them to make a call now. Especially, senators from:  Iowa, Utah, South Carolina.

2. Write letters to your local newspaper on-line blogs where they can be posted immediately.

3. Share articles that call Sessions out for his bigotry and other questionable actions.

4. Contact other people who may have a public megaphone and urge them to use their power to make a statement

5. If you are from Massachusetts, call your U.S. Senators and thank them for their efforts to oppose this nomination.

Senator Edward Markey (202) 224-2742

Senator Elizabeth Warren (202) 224-4543

If you are from another state, call your U.S. Senators and ask them to oppose this nomination.